Chris Howker - product image

Chris Howker

420 x 297 | GF Smith Colourplan pristine white paper 175gsm
Unique, limited edition (50), print. The print is numbered and branded with a unique MASI stamp.

Chris writes: "When asked what does Manchester mean to me, I have always seen it as the place to be if you're in a band or just like watching live music. The city has a deep background in the music industry and I think that one of the most influential ones was Oasis. For many a northerner, Oasis were almost like a rite of passage, where you had reached that pinacle age and bought 'Definitely Maybe' and 'What's the Story'. I've always liked the term 'Northern Monkey' too, never seeing it as a put down - purely because monkeys are funny creatures, much like us northerners - and thats why I turned Liam and Noel into monkeys for a bit of a laugh... and finally, you can't talk about Manchester without mentioning one of it's two football teams, and knowing the band's allegiance, that is why the piece features the football pitch background and sky blue colouring."