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Daniel Russell

420 x 297 | e.g. Satin PaperGF Smith Colourplan pristine white paper 175gsm
Unique, limited edition, print. The print is numbered and branded with a unique MASI stamp.

Daniel writes: "Elisabeth House by Cruikshank and Seward may not be everyone's choice for a building that iconically represents Manchester and Salford, but it is certainly due a last hurrah. Having enjoyed a stay of execution thanks to to the global lack of developer's disposable income, it is finally preparing to receive it's last rites.

As part of the impending facelift of St. Peters Square, Elisabeth House is to be removed. In most people's minds, it already doesn't exist. It sits unoccupied, overlooking the Cenotaph, a modern (and admittedly faded) beauty mainly unnoticed now that Dutch Pancakes or Allen's Fried Chicken cannot be enjoyed within it's concrete-framed walls.

This landmark has been chosen as a counterpoint to the more obvious icons our cities possess, and a reminder that eradicating large parts of our recent history in favour of shiny! new! glass! tall! removes the diversity that makes our streets special. It is exactly the opposite of the more environmentally conscious model of development based on retrofitting and refurbishment that is urgently needed. Imagine how magnificent the renovated Central Library and Town Hall would look if mirrored by a loved Elisabeth House!"