Rebecca Crompton - product image

Rebecca Crompton

420 x 297 | GF Smith Colourplan pristine white paper 175gsme.g. Satin Paper
Unique, limited edition, print. The print is numbered and branded with a unique MASI stamp.

Rebecca says, "I have lived and studied in Manchester for the past 23 years (my whole life). I have recently graduated and am looking to get work as an illustrator. I have in the past regretted not ever leaving or experiencing a new city, however my understanding of the country's situation has taught me to appreciate Manchester and that I am luck to come from here.

I realise it is the whole country that is struggling in these times not just Manchester. My reference to rocks is to my feeling that even though things change and things might get more difficult the city for me provides certain constants that inspire and create hope. This might be one of the grand industrial buildings in the centre or it can be the great history they represent or the enthusiasm I see all the time in the people I meet.

Living in Didsbury and Withington and working in the centre I often travel on the 42 bus route. My poster includes my five favourite sights along this journey and are five places that hold my interest, intrigue and imagination."