Robert Shadbolt - product image

Robert Shadbolt

420 x 297 | GF Smith Colourplan pristine white paper 175gsme.g. Satin Paper
Unique, limited edition, print. The print is numbered and branded with a unique MASI stamp.

Robert says, "Many of these images are what I see as I walk the streets of Salford and Manchester each day. For example the coats of arms can be found on a number of the bridges as you cross the River Irwelll. The Lancaster rose can be found on the side of MOSI(Museum of Science and Industry. The bats flying around the chimney of 482 Lower Broughton Road are what I see as I drink an the end of the day pint in the yard of the Star Inn.

The individual images are produced in just one colour chosen to reinforce the nature of the subject. Man United is red, Man City is blue. The magenta is the official colour of Salford and the green representation of the many parks and woodlands you can can find in the two cites.

The face you can see in each drawing is something I draw on a recurring basis, with closed eyes, a smiling mouth and a tick for a nose. It is a reduced and very simple motif that I draw almost like a signature or tag. The expression on the face can reflect a range of emotions and states of being; benign, sleep, reflection, enjoyment, contentment. The face itself never changes but its meaning is changed depending on the context in which the face is placed. I use it to place a symbol of my presence in each drawing."